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CET contributions to the HLPF

Researchers from CET are presenting at two events at the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development in New York.

UN Photo/Cia Pak

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Meet the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET) at the United Nations High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York on July 9-11th. CET researchers Siddharth Sareen and Jakob Grandin are part of the University of Bergen delegation and will present at two sessions. Both events are on Wednesday, July 11th.


Training session on transformative partnerships with academic institutions

CET is co-organizing a workshop on how partnerships with higher-education institutions can accelerate progress on sustainable development, together with UN DESA and leading SDG-oriented universities. CET researcher and Ph.D. candidate Jakob Grandin is one of the presenters at the session and will share examples of how CET and UiB have entered partnerships with societal actors in research and higher education.

– Universities can make unique contributions to the sustainability transformation. At UiB and CET, we are doing some really exciting things in designing research projects and university courses that build on collaborative partnerships between researchers, students, and societal actors. I am looking forward to discussing these initiatives at the HLPF, says Jakob Grandin.

Event title:Leveraging innovative partnerships with higher education institutions towards sustainable and resilient societies
Organizer:Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI)
Date:               Wednesday, 11 July
Time:10.00 AM - 11.45 AM
Place:      Conference Room 5, United Nations Headquarters


Side event on SDG 7: Sustainable energy for all

CET will participate in the side event on sustainable energy organized by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CET researchers contributed to two of the Policy Briefs – one on interlinkages among energy, poverty and inequalities, and one on decentralized renewable energy – that form the knowledge base for reviewing SDG 7. Postdoctoral fellow Siddharth Sareen will present the key takeaways from these two briefs.

– At CET we work closely with issues related to energy governance and we believe we can bring useful competencies to the HLPF. We look forward to contributing in ways that can have a constructive impact on future decision-making, Sareen says. 

Event title:Global Agenda for SDG7 Action
OrganizerNorwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Date:Wednesday, 11 July
Time:6.30 PM - 8.00 PM
Place:Conference Room 5, United Nations Headquarters


Committed to the SDGs

CET and UiB have a longstanding commitment to actively work with the SDGs. CET Director Håvard Haarstad highlights the research center's experience in producing actionable knowledge:

– We’re living in a time when it is essential to elevate the impact of research and higher learning. Researchers should make the most of opportunities to dialogue with policy-makers and practitioners. Therefore, the HLPF is a very important arena. This type of dialogue is central to what we try to achieve at CET.

The UiB delegation is led by Vice Rector for Global Relations Annelin Eriksen, and consists of Professor Edvard Hvidling, UiB Energy Director Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa, Senior Adviser Sverre Ole Drønen, Postdoctoral fellow Siddharth Sareen, and Ph.D. candidate Jakob Grandin.

Read more about CET's involvement in the SDGs and the HLPF HERE.

Please feel free to contact Jakob Grandin and/or Siddharth Sareen.