Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

Silje Kristiansen in Momentum-program

Our associate professor Silje Kristiansen got accepted into UiB's career development program Momentum for 2023!

Profile picture of Silje Kristiansen, smiling and looking into the camera. Blonde long hair in a ponytail, white skin, light brown eyes, wearing a black shirt.
Zulfikar Abdelhamid Fahmy

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The Momentum programme is for early stage reseachers who wish to pursue an academic career at a research university. As a Momentum delegate, Silje will attend five seminars structured around career development and external funding. Silje is associate professor in a shared position between the Department for Information Science and Media Studies, and Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation.

She also receives a NOK 100 000 stipend to spend on mentoring, travel, networking and other activities directly related to her career development.

- I feel truly honored to have been chosen to participate in Momentum! This opportunity comes at a great point in my career, as I have several important pieces of the career puzzle in front of me. I look forward to learning how to put these puzzle pieces together in a way that will enhance my production of new knowledge that the world and my field need, Silje says.