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The EU network Ocean of Opportunities visits Brussel

In March 2022, Ocean of Opportunities (OceanOpps) hosted our first international networking event in Brussels.

OceanOpps Brussel Mars 2022
From the left: Charlotte Gannefors Krafft - manager EOV, Terje Restad - project manager OceanOpps and UiB, Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa - energy director UiB, Corina Guder - senior adviser UiB and Gry E. Parker - adviser energy transition UiB
Gry E. Parker, UiB

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The objective of the trip was to establish contact with relevant Norwegian and international players in Brussels, to get the latest updates on Horizon Europe and to introduce the network to relevant partners in the EU.

We had meetings with representatives from The Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway's Brussels offices, Norway's EU delegation, EERA (European Energy Research Alliance), DG RTD (EU's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation), several Norwegian regional offices, JPI Oceans, the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Hydro, SINTEF and NTNU. We introduced OceanOpps to these, made important contacts and explored opportunities for collaboration. The meetings took place at UiB's Brussels office and at Mission of Norway to the EU.

OceanOpps Brussel Mars 2022 - House of Norway
Charlotte Eide, UiB

We have identified several areas where we as a network can contribute to future EU calls and we can help with the positioning of ‘Team Norway’ in Europe. We are planning more thematical meetings in the autumn, including a meeting on Blue Partnership. These meetings are  open to all who wishes to attend. 

The planning of OceanOpp's next networking event in Brussels in Q1 2023 is already underway, and will most likely take place at the end of January / beginning of February.