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PhD education

The PhD education is an important part of the activities at Department of Clinical Science. The department has over 100 PhD candidates connected to the department at any time. As a PhD candidate at our department, you will become part of an international environment with long experience in clinical and paraclinical research.

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One major component in today's research education is the enrollment in research schools. The department has two research schools which are active and in line with the current rules and regulations for research education.

For more information, see Bergen Postgraduate School of Clinical Medical Research and Bergen Research School in Inflammation (BRSI).

The PhD education consists of a training part where the candidate must achieve a minimum of 30 credits where our research courses, as well as certain course at 300-level, may be taken to obtain credits. Courses are offered by both the research schools, and the department itself. Click here for a list of courses offered at Department of Clinical Science.

More information about the PhD program is available at the faculty website.