Department of Clinical Science

Research courses at Department of Clinical Science

Department of Clinical Science offers several research courses which may included in the PhD-degree.

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The following courses are offered at PhD-level at Department of Clinical Science:

FSKLI901 - Seminar in clinical and translational medicine

FSKLI902 - Perspectives in translational medicine

GCP901 - Good clinical practice (ICH-GCP) for PhD candidates

HUIMM901 - Project Seminars in Immunology

HUIMM902 - Journal Club & Watch

HUIMM903 - Human Immunobiology

HUIMM905 - From Innate to Specific Immuity

HUIMM906 - Molecular and Cellular Methods in Immunology

In addition to the courses listed above, some master-level courses may also be included in a PhD-degree.  Click here for a complete list of courses offered at Department of Clinical Science.  If you have any questions about which courses may be included in a PhD-degree, please contact irene.hjelmaas@uib.no