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Sustainable development, climate change and energy transformation call for innovation in all sectors of society. In University of Bergen's course in Sustainable Innovation, you will create innovative solutions to real sustainability challenges.

Students at University of Bergen prototyping sustainable innovations.
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CET201 Sustainable Innovation is an interdisciplinary 10 credit course starting in January 2020. The course is practically oriented but provides a theoretical overview of the innovation and sustainability fields. 

Through creative learning methods and a combination of theoretical and practical approaches, CET201 will enable you to develop knowledge in innovation, sustainable development, creative processes and interdisciplinary collaboration through case-based learning.

Sustainability as a driver of innovation

A major element of the course is collaboration in interdisciplinary project groups, where you will be developing innovative and disruptive solutions to real sustainability challenges in Bergen.

The course is organized around ten sessions that are divided into 4 phases of innovation:

  • Understand
  • Explore
  • Prototype
  • Implement

Collaboration and active learning

Inspiring guest speakers with aptitude in innovation and sustainability will give condensed lectures and facilitate workshops and panel discussions. The course is based on various innovative methods and tools emphasizing active student learning.

Each session will take place in locations facilitating creative innovation and interactive learning. The course starts with a kickoff day with a crash course on Design Thinking and ends with a case presentation by each project group that will be evaluated by an academic panel.

In addition, representatives from various organizations and businesses in Bergen will be listening in, and potentially give the most creative student ideas possibilities to continue developing their innovation after this course ends.

Which forms of assessment are used?

The case presentation accounts for 50 % of your score, and written assignments that account for 50%. The sessions are mandatory, but absence up to 20% can be accepted. You are expected to work together with other students in project groups in between the sessions.

Open for students from all disciplines

The course is open for students from all disciplines and fields of study at UiB. Application for the course is done through Studentweb. The deadline is 15 of January.