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This page will be updated continuously with links to events, videos and podcasts that connect to the course themes. You can also connect to the CET201 podcast stream on Spotify: the CET201 playlist

Session 2: Ways of knowing & Responsible Research and Innovation

TED Talk (13 min): Hindou Ibrahim: Indigenous knowledge meets science to take on climate change

Dominique Chu lectures (60 minutes): Why are we doing research

Session 4 part I: Intro to Sustainability

Podcast (35 min): UN Global Compact: 2.3°C – There are silver linings

Session 5: How to innovate something sustainable

Podcast (44 min): Sustainababble: Innovation

Session 8: Financing sustainability/sustainability in business

Podcast (39 min): UN Global Compact: Impact thinking in the boardroom

TED Talk (16 min): Michael Porter: The case for letting business solve social problems

Session 9: Communication

Podcast: Forest of thought: Does it still make sense to talk about climate change?


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