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Bergen International Student Conference 2019

The second edition of the Bergen International Student Conference will take place in Bergen March 28-29, 2019 on the theme “Towards sustainable futures: Facing global challenges today”.

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Towards sustainable futures: Facing global challenges today

Resource depletion, overconsumption and climate change, poverty and rising inequalities are just some of the challenges that societies around the world are currently facing. Achieving a sustainable future call for urgent transformations at everly level of society, and the window of opportunity is rapidly closing. Sustainable development requires collaboration and knowledge-sharing that crosses disciplines and borders. We therefore invite bachelor and master students from all academic disciplines to participate in the second Bergen International Student Conference.


Thursday March 28 

08.30 Registration and morning coffee

09.00 Opening

09.20 Keynote: Karen Richardsen Moberg

          'Who's responsibility is it to save the planet?'

09.40 Parallel sessions:

          1) Urban transformations

          2) Participation and development

11.00 Workshop "Sustainable futures: Responsibilities"

11.40 LUNCH

12.40 Parallel sessions:

          3) Reduce, reuse, recyle

          4) Developing sustainability

14.00 Coffeebreak with snacks

14.30 Workshop "30 day challenge"

15.30 Concluding words

18.00 Guided tour at Bryggen

19.00 Dinner at Kvarteret


Friday March 29

09.00 Registration and morning coffee

09.30 Opening

09.40 Keynote: Jan Reinert Karlsen

          'What is the problem that interdisciplinary education is the solution to?'

10.00 Parallell sessions:

          5) Food and agriculture

          6) Research, culture and ethics

11.20 LUNCH

12.15 Parallell sessions:

          7) Technology and resources

          8) Perception and human agency

13.35 Coffee break & snack

14.00 Workshop with CEMUS 

15.00 Wrapping-up debate

15.45 Concluding words