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Geophysical characterization of a shallow hydrothermal system by an international team of researchers.

The hydrothermal vent field of Paleochory bay on Milos
The hydrothermal vent field of Paleochory bay on Milos
Anders Schouw

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The bay of Milos is a very active hydrothermal system that releases an impressive amount of CO2 and is the biggest known discharge area of arsenic in the world. However, shallow hydrothermal systems are despite their easy access poorly studied in comparison to their deep sea counter parts. In September 2019, an international team under the umbrella of the CarDHynAl project went to study the shallow hydrothermal system of Milos in Greece. The team was made of researchers from Norway, France, Germany, Spain and Greece.

Recently were published in Marine Geology the first results: Extensive mapping using drones and underwater vehicles, associated to a thorough analysis of the temperatures throughout the bay allowed the team to model the thermal regimes present in the bay of Paleochory. This is only the first outcome of the fieldtrip, and other articles on the microbiology of Milos are in preparations.

The article can be found here.