Centre for Deep Sea Research
Cruise 2021

The center's cruise 2021 is on!

As every year when summer starts, the Center for Deep Sea Research sets sails on the G.O SARS to investigate and sample the Nordic Seas.

Sven Le Moine Bauer

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On saturday 3rd of July, the G.O SARS left Bergen with a team of scientists and ROV crew members. The research plan covers a broad range of research fields and destinations. Among others, we will retrieve sediment cores, map the seafloor, do some geological and biological sampling, analyse the water column and perform physical and chemical analyses. 

After a first stop near Ålesund, we have investigated manganese crust in the Lofoten and Greenland basins, studied the hydrothermal plume of Fåvne vent field, and performed several ROV dives. As of Wednesday 14th, we are now heading toward Loki's Castle vent field for the remaining days of the cruise.

Daily news are posted on the twitter account of the Center: @CDeepSea