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Time to get green!

The geomicrobiology laboratory starts the "My green lab" certification.

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Last spring, a group of young scientists submitted a project to the Klimafond (UiB) to decrease the environmental impact of the geomicrobiology laboratory at the Department of Earth Science. The project was succesfully funded, allowing to start the "greenification" process.

Among others, the laboratory will enter the certification process from "My green lab". After assessment of the lab, recommendations will be made by the organisation to reduce the environmental footprint of the lab based on 4 main elements: Waste, water, electricity, and green chemistry. Members of the lab will then work on applying these changes over a year. Furthermore, it is planned to monitor the change in energy consumption and waste production linked to the certification.

The label is internationaly recognized, with several major laboratories from renown institutes such as AstraZeneca, MIT, Noble Research Institute (among others) having already obtained the certificate. However, the geomicrobiology laboratory will be only the first one in Norway to receive the "My green lab" label. This shows a certain lag in this domain in Norway, and a need for initiatives from laboratory users.

We welcome any person that would like to discuss on the subject, propose ideas, or would like advices to start their own initiatives. 

Contact Sven Le Moine Bauer.