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Visit of French Senators to the Center

Thibaut Barreyre, Steffen Jørgensen, and Pedro Ribeiro along with the French delegation.
French embassy in Norway

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A delegation of French senators recently came to visit CDeepSea to learn about our research, with a specific focus on deep sea mineral resources. This was a great opportunity for us to share our knowledge and we had a good discussion around risks and challenges related to the potential exploitation of such minerals. We thank the senators for their visit to the Center and welcome them back anytime. While visits from foreign governments are rare, CDeepSea is no stranger to providing knowledge to stakeholders and politicians on matters related to the deep sea. Our researchers have investigated deep sea systems in Norwegian waters for several decades and we have built a significant knowledgebase on both geological and biological aspects. This knowledge is provided to both NGOs and GOs such as the Norwegian ministry of Petroleum and Energy, The United Nations, and the European Marine Board.