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Developing the database

The Machine Vision database was the topic of our last workshop at Solstrand Hotel and we are getting closer to a data set that will give us more detailed information on Machine Vision in everyday life.

Workshop at Solstrand Hotell
At Solstrand we worked out an approach that will lead to much richer datasets
Linn Heidi Stokkedal

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This semester we have had many smaller workshops trying to define parameters and developing a coda scheme for the database. We invited scholar Annette Markham to look over our database with fresh eyes last week at Solstrand Hotel and together we came up with a whole new approach for entering data. We based our discussions on our entries that already been tagged and trying to connect our methods with the projects research questions. We discovered that we had focused more on works (art, games and narratives) as a whole and less on the actual machine vision situations, which we now have. Now we are looking forward to test the database further to see how we can work with the new data sets.

Our goal is to have a database with over 500 entries that we can present at Nordmedia in Malmø in August.