Emotion & Cognition Group (ECG)

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Research group leader: Lin Sørensen

Contact information:

Institutt for biologisk og medisinsk psykologi

Jonas Liesvei 91

5009-Bergen, Norway

The focus in our research is how we as humans regulate our feelings and attentional resources. These processes comprise self-regulative abilities important for our functioning at school, work and in social communication in the everyday life. We apply different methods to measure these regulative processes such as self-reports (questionnaires and interviews), clinical and experimental test paradigms, psychophysiology (heart rate variability) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).


Ongoing Research Projects:

- The role of mindfulness training on rumination in recurrent depression: The effect on attention and emotion regulation functions.

- Emotional dysregulation in para-suicidal behavior: Effects of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy on emotional processing using a triangulation approach

- Goal Management Training in adults with ADHD

- Social cognition and communication in children with ADHD

- A longitudinal study of emotional regulation in children with ADHD and Tourette syndrome

- A pilot effect study of mindfulness training on attention and emotion regulation



- Lin Sørensen, Professor and currently head of the research group (on researchgate)  

- Berge Osnes, Associate Professor (on researchgate)

- Julie Lillebostad Svendsen (on researchgate)  

- Daniel Andre Jensen, PhD candidate (on researchgate)  

- Elisabet Kvadsheim, Medical Student, Research Candidate in the Medical Student Research Program at the University of Bergen