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Youngest female Professor in Economics in Norway

Katrine Vellesen Løken (31) from the Department of Economics at the University of Bergen is now the youngest female Professor in Economics in Norway ever.

Professor Katrine Løken
John Ivar Sunde

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"I'm really pleased! This is a recognition of my work so far," the 31-year old Professor says, who recently was granted a prestigious research funding from the FRIPRO-programme.


Løken has in her career at UoB published several papers in the top 5 international journals in economics, in cooperation with national and international researchers.


A well earned recognition

Professor Jan Erik Askildsen, head of the Department of Economics, says that it is outstanding that Løken was able to become professor at such young age.

"This is a well earned recognition for the scientific work that she has done. She has made an extraordinary accomplishment when it comes to the number and quality of publications in comparison to her age, which no other economist has managed in the last 40 years."



Hoping for better recruitment of women to economics

Askildsen adds that he hopes Løken's sucess career will contribute to strengthen the recruitment of women to research, and especially to the field of economics. There are in fact only a small number of Norwegian female professors in economics. This also concerns Løken.

"It is not so important to be the youngest female professor, but I hope I can inspire more women to pursue careers in academics," Løken says.