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Successful cooperation

A recent evaluation describes Centre for Competition Policy (BECCLE) as a success. The evaluation committee points out that the centre has a high activity level and cross-disciplinary collaborations which encourage solid research activities.

BECCLE bygning

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The purpose of establishing BECCLE was among other things to gather and strengthen competition policy expertise and thereby the knowledge base for competition policy in Norway. In addition, the centre through interdisciplinary cooperation aimed to ensure that the academic communities connected to the centre had a common platform for discussion and recruitment.

The main conclusion of the evaluation is that the centre successfully achieved its goals. The centre is also praised for its high activity level. BECCLE organizes among other frequent seminars and conferences, develops new courses and participates actively in the public debate in Norway. The evaluation states that the researchers affiliated with BECCLE are highly qualified, and publish frequently in journals on competition law and competition policy.

General manager of BECCLE, Professor Tommy S. Gabrielsen, is very satisfied with the report.

- We think of course it is very nice to get such positive feedback on the work we have done so far. This stimulates us to continue our efforts to create strong research groups in competition law and competition economics in Bergen, and we hope of course that the owners follow this up in the ways they can. Both the Competition Authority and the new Appeals board for competition matters was established in Bergen with reference to strong and relevant academic communities locally.

The external report was written by Professor Lars Henriksson (Stockholm Business School), Professor Thomas Rønde (Copenhagen Business School) and Karin Stakkestad Laastad (legal director at the Competition Authority).