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Martin Fernø, Professor, Department of Physics and Technology at UiB will give us insight into storing carbon dioxide and hydrogen underground - ongoing research activities at UiB and its relevance to the Northern Lights project

Storing carbon dioxide and hydrogen underground

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The talk will detail ongoing research efforts using the FluidFlower flow rig related to carbon sequestration in subsurface reservoirs. The FluidFlower concept  is rooted in the vibrant carbon sequestration environment at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Bergen to link natural sciences and boost public outreach efforts. With its elegant curved design, large accessible viewing area and high mobility, the FluidFlower is equally suited for developing the scientific understanding of multiphase flow in complex geological settings, as it is for demonstrating carbon sequestration live in front of a large audience. The talk will also include recent and ongoing research that focuses on utilizing the subsurface to intermittently store hydrogen as an energy storage technology for variable and unpredictable power supply.


Webinar speaker

Martin Fernø, Professor, Department of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen