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Watch "Decision-making tool for roof-mounted solar panels"

Did you miss Runar Strand and Anne Jordal's presentation "Decision-making tools for roof-mounted solar panels"? Watch it here!

BEL Lunch: Decision-making tool for roof-mounted solar panels

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Presenting today are

  • Anne Jordal, Business Development/ Enterprise Manager at Volte. Anne has many years of experience from various parts of the energy industry. In recent years, she has been particularly interested in distributed energy production and local solutions. 

  • Runar Skorge Stranden, Consultant Volte and Master student at UiB. Runar is a student in the integrated master’s program in energy at the University of Bergen. This year he is working on a master’s thesis on optimizing a solar- and battery system in collaboration with Volte.  

AbstractWhen record-high and volatile energy prices, industrial facilities are looking for opportunities to lower their electricity bills. One of the options is installing roof-mounted solar panels for consumption and selling excess power to the grid. It can be challenging for the average business owner to evaluate such an investment decision since the cash flow will heavily depend on consumption data, solar radiation, and the energy market. Volte is experiencing that most consulting services today use aggregated data for calculating the cash flow. Still, this approach does not necessarily give a realistic return on the investment. 

Volte has developed a tool that uses an hourly resolution of expected production, consumption, spot prices, and grid tariffs for the given building to best illustrate the economic uncertainties with implementing solar panels.