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UiB Ferd Christmas 2022: Of course you would never publish in a predatory journal...or would you?

UiB Ferd Career Centre’s first Christmas lecture ever, is about predatory publishing. Henriette Christie Ertsås/ Science to the people humbly asks if scientific discovery can ever be compatible with the reigning publishing model, without science and society falling prey.

Picture of a journal article about birds with the word RETRACTED written in big, red letters right across is.
We may laugh about what scientists jokingly get accepted into predatory journals through sting operations (left), but it was the reputable journal Lancet that published Andrew Wakefield’s infamous article (right) which much of the anti-vaxxer movement is based on.
Baldassarre et al., 2020, Iris Publishers - Wakefield et. al 1998, Lancet

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You receive them all too often: e-mails from supposedly scientific journals praising your work in awkward English, missing only your cancer data to complete their special issue in the fields of urology and anthropology, combined. However, it is too good to be true. No actual editor would ever praise your work in that manner. Your paper will very likely not get peer-reviewed.

Other journals similarly offer speedy processing and enthusiasm for your work. However, these are approved by colleagues and your go-to registers (DOAJ, Norwegian centre for research data [NSD]). So why then endure an ever-lasting peer-review process, tiresome revisions topped by a possible rejection, when you can choose a quick and dirty solution for half the cost, approved by funding authorities?

The science that benefits society ought to have been scrutinized by fellow scientists through peer-reviewing, a process that may rob the individual scientist of a much-needed publication point necessary to promote a career. Could it simply be that proper scientific discovery is bad for your career and a poor business model?

Or can you appreciate being peer-reviewed, for the benefit of society and your own scientific integrity?

Target group: Researchers at UiB.

Language: English

The lecture will last approx. one hour. There will be served Christmassy refreshments. After the lecture, we open up for discusions about UiB Ferd Career Centre and what we have done in 2022. You will also have the possibility to add on Santa´s Wish List what activity you want UiB Ferd Career Centre to offer next year. For instance, is there a company you would ike us to invite to a career day - please let us know!