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The National Research Network for Migration and Health

The National Research Network for Migration and Health (NFMH) is an open network encompassing researchers in migration and health in Norway. The network includes all types of researchers, not solely those with active projects in migration and health at any given time.

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The network was established in 2019 by the Norwegian Network for Migration Research (NAKMI) at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI). After FHI was reorganized, NFMI was formally transferred to the University of Bergen in autumn 2023, with Esperanza Diaz as the leader.


The network's ultimate goal is to generate better and more robust knowledge that contributes to illuminating and enhancing the health and healthcare services for immigrants in Norway.

To achieve this, NFMH has the following sub-goals:

  • To map and coordinate individuals and institutions conducting research on migration and health in Norway.
  • To facilitate information exchange, foster systematic interaction among researchers, and stimulate the development of new ideas and projects.
  • To improve information exchange and interaction between researchers and other stakeholders in the field.

All researchers in migration and health who may be interested in joining this network can register by filling out this form

Workshop in Bergen on April 29th, 2024


Utsikt over Bergen fra Fløien
Tove Liu, Pexels

The initial workshop in Bergen has been rescheduled for April 29th, 2024. The purpose of this workshop is to meet in person again and share information with each other. We will meet in Alrek Helseklynge (Midgard room) and will discuss the Global Research Agenda on health, migration, and displacement, as well as Norway’s position related to it. Additionally, NFMH members interested in sharing information about their projects will have the opportunity to do so during the workshop. We are planning to start the meeting at 10:00 and finish by 16:00.

The workshop will be free of charge, and you can register and submit your abstract by April 15th. 2024 here