Department of Geography

Cynthia Adeho

In her master project she studies Economic Sustainability of Foreign Direct Investment in the Oil Palm Industry in Ghana: The Case of Norpalm Ghana Limited and Small-scale farmers.

Studying in Geography in Bergen has been very fulfilling to me.

Master Project

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is often regarded as a way of incorporating developing countries into the globalization process because it serves as an important source of capital investment. Nonetheless, the question of whether it is worthwhile for countries to allocate their limited resources to attracting FDI into their development plans also exists. Arguments have emerged in the academic and development discourses that call for the need to view the potential of FDI as a poverty reduction strategy that includes how FDI interacts with the environment in which the investment takes place.

With the presence of foreign investors in the oil palm industry in Ghana, this Master project is a case study that seeks to explore the outcome of the outgrower and the smallholder scheme for Norpalm Ghana Limited and participating farmers.

Field Work

I am grateful for all the lecturers who prepared us adequately for the fieldwork. My fieldwork was a very insightful learning process and it offered me the practical aspect of the Research Methods course.

Study Geography in Bergen

Studying in Geography in Bergen has been very fulfilling to me. Not only is the University of Bergen fully equipped with learning facility but Bergen provides a very conducive and serene atmosphere for learning. The diverse student population also offers you the privilege to meet other students from all over the globe.


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