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Geosupen is your hub for social activities at the Geophysical Institute. 'Sup' is a sip (of a drink), and is typically used as a synonym for party at the institute. But on this site you will find all kinds of social activities at the Geophysical Institute. Smalahåvesupen is the main sup of the year, arranged by Geosupen.


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There are several social activities at GFI, ranging from brewing, cake club, football, parties, volleyball, and more. Here, you will find updates and information on all social activities at GFI, regular and one-off events. Make sure you sign up for the respective email list of the group that interests you and get to know your fellow students and colleagues outside the office and classroom.


Geophysical Institute

Geosupen is the forum for social events at the institute. The Sup-President invites to Smalahåvesup (Sheep head party) every fall, and occasionally also other parties.

The Presidents

  • 2023- Birgit Rinde
  • 2021-2022 Anna-Marie Strehl
  • 2017-2020 Morven Muilwijk
  • 2014-2016 Algot Peterson
  • 2014 Stefan Keiderling
  • ?-2014 Mari Sandvik
  • ??? Sturla Svendsen
  • ??? …
  • 1999 Jan Even Øie Nilsen
  • 1998 Ina K. Thorstensen Kindem
  • 1997 Frank Nilsen
  • 1996 Svenn Owe Haugland
  • 1994-1995 Tor de Lange
  • 1993 Øystein Skagseth
  • 1992 Frode Flatøy
  • 19xx Vigdis Tverberg
  • 19xx Tor Gammelsrød
  • 1982-1984 Harald Svendsen
  • 1977-1981 Gunnvald Bøyum

GFI Social

The mailinglist gfi-social@gfi.uib.no and our Teams group "Geosupen / GFI Social"  are used to announce and spread information about casual events, such as the monthly dinner&drinks (lønningspils), wine tastings, a hike or ski tour, movie night, or whatever you feel worthwhile sharing. The intention is to have a low threshold to get in touch with others who want to hang out.

If you want to sign up for the GFI-social mailing list and the Teams group, please get in touch with Thomas Spengler or Anna-Marie Strehl.

Dinner & Drinks

Dinner & Drinks is a (semi-)regular event, on the first Friday following the 12th of each month. We go to different places every time, and explore what restaurants and bars Bergen has to offer.

Sports and Games


Every Friday a number of students and employees at the Geophysical Institute meet for a game of soccer at SIB Studentsenteret. We typically play from noon to 1pm and are a well-mixed group in age and skills. Please feel welcome to join us.

Sign up for the mailing list football@gfi.uib.no by notifying Kjetil Våge.


GFI volleyball started as an indoor ball experiment in 2015. It soon became a regular activity where people from and around the GFI environment gather in Studentsenteret once a week to play exciting games for 1-2 hours. Everyone is welcome to join! Play time is Tuesdays from noon to 2pm.

Sign up for the mailing list volleyball@gfi.uib.no by notifying Vår Dundas.


Schafkopf is the Bavarian card game of games that everyone wants to play, but only few will ever master it. We are a handful of GFI colleagues who irregularly get together to play. Get in touch if you're interested in learning and playing!

Sign up for the mailing list schafkopf@gfi.uib.no by notifying Thomas Spengler.


Yoga during Autumn Semester 2023 is every Thursday, 15:00-16:00 in the Bjerknes lecture room (GFI west wing, top floor aka Jahnebakken 5, room 4020 on the 4th floor).

Sign up for the mailing list by notifying Mahaut Vareilles.


Smalahåvesupen cartoon

Smalahåvesupen, or the sheep head party, is the main event of the year at GFI. If you haven’t participated, you’ve been missing out. A great president once said that “…not going to the sheep head party is carreer suicide”. Every fall, when the happy Norwegian sheep come down from the mountains, lamb’s head is on the menu. The head is split in half, its brains removed, before we torch it. Then the head is salted, sometimes smoked before drying. Together with mashed rutabaga (kålrabistappe), potatoes and sausages, this is a delicacy from Voss. Read more about the sheepheads at Wikipedia. Look out for announcements every fall!


The Smalahåvesupen songs can be found here.


We meet every Monday for Lunch, where one of the non-Norwegian speakers brings a cake for everyone and we all speak Norwegian. Norwegians get free cake and are asked to speak Norwegian slowly in a crisp and clean manner.

Sign up for the mailing list kakeklubben@gfi.uib.no by notifying Francine Schevenhoven or Anna-Marie Strehl and join our kakeklubben Teams Group.


Gale logo

Geofysisk Mikrobryggeri was founded in 2009 and debuted its inaugural GALE brews at Smalahovesupen in October of that year.

We are a group of dedicated beer lovers who do some oceanography and atmospheric sciences on the side. We are also exceptionally talented at boiling water in gloomy, subterranean spaces.

Sign up for the mailing list gale@gfi.uib.no by notifying Johannes Lutzmann.


The list below shows the musical talents at GFI. We try to organize some live music to the one or other GFI event.

Sign up for the mailing list musicians@gfi.uib.no by notifying either Stefanie Semper or Thomas Spengler.

GFI choir

In autumn 2022, a small GFI choir was established – and is searching for support! No skills or pre-knowledge needed – just come by and have fun with us! Depending on the level of progress, the choir attempts to have “concerts” maybe once per semester. You can join the choir via reaching out to Andrea Marcheggiani.

Musicians at GFI


Thomas Spengler


Patrik Bohlinger


Jörg Schwinger, (Jochen Reuder: can provide drumkit)


Patrik Bohlinger, Tor Gammelsrød, Ilker Fer


Camille Li, Thomas Spengler, Stefanie Semper


Thomas Spengler


Harald Sodemann


Stefanie Semper, Harald Sodemann


Lars Henrik Smedsrud, Thomas Spengler


Christiane Duscha