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Health, Security and Environment

sikresiden.no Sikresiden.no (On the Safe Side) is a webapp. It provides you with user-friendly training and advice on what you should do in emergency situations. However, you must always assess the situation yourself to decide what is the best thing to do in each individual case.

Report HSE unconformities



Management of publication costs at GFI

When you got a manuscript accepted for publication and you know that publication costs will occur.

Please follow these routines:

  • Inform GFI administration at post@gfi.uib.no that there will be an invoice connected to a publication and please provide the following information:
  • Name of the journal/the publisher
  • Name and email of the corresponding author (if this is not you)
  • Title of the publication
  • Estimated costs

2) Inform GFI administration how the publication costs will be covered:

  • Article Processing Charge (APC) for open access publications are covered by the UiB library. To obtain these funds you have to send a formal application to https://www.uib.no/en/ub/79537/publication-fund-open-access-university-bergen. Please inform GFI administration as soon as you got these funds granted (happens usually within a few days).
  • Publication costs may be covered by your research project. Please check eligibility with your project economist. If publication costs are eligible to be covered by your project, please inform GFI administration about the name and PA number of your project.
  • If none of these funds are available for your publication, or if these only partly cover the publication costs, you have to discuss with your scientific group leader or with GFI leadership about funding from GFI.

3) GFI administration will now provide you with an order number/PM number for your


4) Inform the publisher to send the invoice to the following address and to provide the

    following specifications on the invoice:

  • Mark the invoice with:  “order number/PM number”
  • Address: Universitetet i Bergen, DFØ Fakturamottak, PB 4710 Torgarden, 7468 Trondheim
  • ap-invoice@uib.no

5) If all this is correctly done, the invoice will be paid by the correct funds and you will

    not have to worry about his anymore.


Register holidays, leave, claim for travel expenses, etc

IT service at UiB

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Employee Pages - English and Norwegian

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Service Centre for International Mobility

Service centre for UiB employees from abroad. Please feel free to contact SIM if you want information, have a question, need an advice or would like to come and talk about practicalities relating to working at UiB or living in Norway. SIM is here to help you!








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