The DIGUiB-programme

The Learning Platform

Canvas has been chosen as the new learning platform for UiB. The learning platform project will develop and implement Canvas as a replacement for the University's current learning management system, Mi side.

Main content

Fields of work and project goals

The main objective of the learning platform project is to develop and implement a replacement for the University's current learning platform, Mi side. In addition to this general goal, there are a number of sub-goals, or premises, in order to ensure a good end product. 

These are the main premises for the work:

  • Students and academic and administrative staff are the primary user groups for the learning platform. Their needs and interests will be emphasised. 
  • Research and library resources will be made available via the platform.
  • There will be a focus on finding a flexible solution to integrate the use of digital learning resources, digitised evaluation processes and a good information system for the various courses of study.

Development status plan

The DigUiB steering committee has decided that UiB will continue work on Canvas as its new learning management system. This implies testing the solution in a local operating environment, with integrations with the University systems and pilot environments adopting the system from autumn 2015. Canvas is a solution based on open source code.  

In addition to implementing Canvas as the new learning platform, the project will also:

  • make recommendations for efficiently organising the operation of the new solution, with a focus on training needs, technical operations, system ownership and user support  
  • prepare and implement the phasing out of the old platform in parallel with the implementation of the new platform 
  • examine the relevance of the learning platform in relation to continuing education and former students