The DIGUiB-programme

Digital assessment

The digital assessment project group is involved in the implementation of procedures and the testing of systems for digital assessment and examinations at UiB.

Main content

Fields of work and project goals

The long-term goal is digitalize relevant academic and administrative procedures related to examinations and assessment. A prerequisite for achieving this is the establishment of best practices for digital support at all levels, before, during and after examination and assessment. When the project is completed, students will be able to take digital examinations, submit assignments digitally and receive digital feedback from an examiner. 

We wish to find solutions that can be implemented broadly and extensively, but which also safeguard fundamental academic and pedagogical principles for the assessment process.  


Planned development and progress

The project group will prepare and recommend various technical solutions and procedures for the implementation of digital examinations and assessment. This will include a survey of the needs for infrastructure and support systems, and clarification of legal  aspects of digital evaluation. 

Current development projects

  • Digital school examinations: Implementing Inspera Assessment for digital examinations in 2015, we have reached 61 % digitalization by the end of 2016, aiming to reach 100 % by the end of 2017.
  • Digital submission: Since 2011, UiB has had centralised solutions to support digital submission of work via Kark/Mi side and the possibility to digitally archive examination scripts in the Examination Archives at UiB. We are continually working to improve these services.