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Thorkild Tylleskär

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The University of Bergen has decided that Global Challenges will be one of the main strategic areas in the period of 2017-2022. The University Board has established Global Challenges with Migration, Health and Inequality as special focus areas. This was celebrated on 15th May 2017, in the University Aula. As much as 180 persons were present, and joined in a whole-day seminar. The main aim of the gathering was to meet and discuss possible co-operation between the different Faculties at UiB. All Faculties presented some of their work, and Deans from other Faculties commented.

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, represented by Centre for International Health at Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, will lead the strategic work.

The history is long: Global and development-related research and education has been a strategic priority area at UiB since 1988, and has been important for research and education both in Bergen and at partner Universities in developing countries. In 2014/2015, an international committee evaluated this activity at UiB. The committee suggested retaining global and development-related research and education as a strategic priority area, as much of the activity has high quality. However, the committee also pointed at weaknesses. The work was described as fragmented, and the committee suggested focusing upon interdisciplinary co-operation and improving the contact between the different faculties.

The seminar was a great start of an improved co-operation between the Faculties at UiB.