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Record funding for partnerships in the South

Building on years of collaboration with institutions of research and higher education, the University of Bergen ends year with funding for a record number of new projects with partner institutions in the South.

A MULTITUDE OF UiB PROJECTS, involving partners in 15 countries, will receive a total of NOK 250 million in funding though Norad's flagship programme for higher education and research for development, NORHED II.

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The University of Bergen will receive funding for thirteen projects based at four faculties with a total budget of 250 million Norwegian kroner (NOK). Through NORHED II, 60 projects out of 199 applications will receive a total NOK 1.1 billion. 

"This is a fantastic day for all the persons involved with the applications, but also for the University of Bergen and its many partner institutions around the world,” says Marit Bakke, Chair of the strategic area for Global Challenges.

NORHED II is Norway's flagship programme for higher education and research for development. Its portfolio covers a broad thematic and geographical focus, with the intention to strengthen the quality of education and research at higher education institutions in the Global South.

The University of Bergen received funding for thirteen projects with a total budget of NOK 250 million with projects in 15 countries: Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, D.R. Congo, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Ghana, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador.

"The University of Bergen has a long history of building lasting partnerships and research networks with a wide range of higher education institutions across the South. It is with great joy that I can congratulate the 13 recipients from our Faculties of Medicine, Social Sciences, Psychology, Mathematics and Natural Sciences,” says Bente E. Moen, Director of UiB's strategy area for Global Challenges.

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WUN-funding for global challenges
The University of Bergen is also involved in four new projects to receive funding from the Worldwide Universities Network’s Research Development Fund (WUN), which focusses on global challenges towards the 2030 Agenda. 

WUN is a leading global higher education and research network made up of 23 universities, spanning 15 countries on six continents.

An interdisciplinary UiB group from social sciences, psychology and international health will work with colleagues in Ghana, Uganda and South Africa to investigate Covid-19 responses to learn for the future.

The four projects has a broad thematic and geographic focus: post-pandemic learning in Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and Norway; microplastics below water; assessing the role of oceans in a sustainable future; and sustainable urban transformations in Africa.

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