Global Challenges
UiB at 75

Global Challenges That Shaped UiB

During the celebration at the University Aula, thirty professors and PhD candidates talked about how global challenges have shaped their research and their disciplines at the University of Bergen. 

Aula 75
Eivind Senneset / UiB

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Global Challenges celebrated the University's 75th anniversary with a packed programme covering academic milestones of relevance to many of the global challenges facing the world today.

From curiosity chambers to climate action
The programme started with the challenges related to the collection of bourgeoisie curiosity chambers into the University Museum of Bergen in 1825 and concluded with a cross-disciplinary PhD project that looks at why Norwegians do, or do not, take knowledge about climate change into account in their lifestyle choices.

We want to be a university for the future – proud of our past, engaged in the present, and leading the way into the future.

Gottfried Greve, Vice-Rector for Innovation, Projects and Knowledge Clusters

The work of Vilhelm Bjerknes, Frithjof Nansen and Bjørn Helland-Hansen laid the foundation for the oceanic and climate research carried out at UiB today, playing an important role in the work of the UN IPCC, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with US Vice-President Al Gore.

Nils Anfinset / Knut Rio
Eivind Senneset / UiB

ABOVE: Professors Nils Anfinset and Knut Mikkjel Rio, Department of Cultural History.

At UiB, Ida Blom pioneered gender research, Atle Grahl-Madsen developed the legal science of refugee law, and in 1989, Trond Markestad unlocked secrets behind Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

"Due to its location, Bergen has looked outwards and been an international city ever since it was founded. So also, Bergen Museum and the University of Bergen; working locally in an international context and with an international research network", said Vice-Rector Greve.

The day-long programme also included presentations on important breakthroughs in mother and child health, tissue engineering, music therapy for migrant children, research on epidemics, international collaboration on dentistry, mapping of the nature crisis, the development of the social anthropology and UiB's vast research network on the Middle East and Islamic studies.