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The Global Lab: Inequality, Technology, and the Experimental Movement

Welcome to a book launch with Adam Fejerskov and his book "The Global Lab: Inequality, Technology, and the Experimental Movement".

Adam Fejerskov
Adam Fejerskov

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The Global Lab tells the story of a group of organisations and corporations that use low-income countries as live laboratories. It reveals how they experiment with untested technologies, biometric humanitarian solutions, and radical methodologies for social change.

In his book, Adam Fejerskov maps out the political, institutional, and ethical coordinates of new transnational practices of experimentation. Where and how does this movement work? What are the human, philosophical, and political consequences of its ideas and interventions?

Fejerskov`s presentation will be followed by a discussion with Jamie Wintrup and a Q&A.


About the speaker:

Adam Fejerskov is Senior Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies. He studies the terrains and ramifications of contemporary global inequalities, examining how these flow from and are manifested in a diverse cast of issues, from emerging technology, science and knowledges to humanitarianism and aspirations of global development.