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Music's Nordic Breakthrough - New Anthology

The first scientific publication about modern music's breakthrough in the North has been published by Boydell and Brewer. Editors are Daniel M. Grimley and Philip Ross Bullock, with a contribution by Arnulf Mattes about the Norwegian modernist Fartein Valen. Grimley is professor at Oxford University, and has also been affiliated with the Grieg Research Centre.

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Music Nordic Breakthrough. Boydell

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Music's Nordic Breakthrough - Aesthetics, Modernity, and Cultural Exchange, 1890-1930 

Edited by  Philip Ross BullockDaniel M. Grimley

A timely attempt to re-map a critical appreciation of early twentieth-century modernism through a Nordic lens.

Following the end of the Cold War, a former East-West binary model of European identity has been replaced with a series of more complex and variegated patterns. Northern Europe is one such territory, and the idea of the 'North' more generally has come in for increased critical scrutiny. This volume reappraises the work of Sibelius, Nielsen and their contemporaries, but it also reassesses the wider implications of the 'Nordic Breakthrough' for fields such as the visual arts, theatre, literature and architecture.

Music's Nordic Breakthrough adopts an interdisciplinary methodology and expands the geographical reach of the 'Nordic zone' to include interactions with Russia, the Baltic states and Great Britain; a new understanding of the region emerges as an arena of artistic affinity, cutural exchange and shared preoccupations. At the same time, the book constitutes an attempt to re-map and recentre early twentieth-century European modernism through a distinctively Nordic lens. The thematic approach on display reveals the complex interaction of networks, individuals, ideologies and the transfer of ideas. The book will be of interest to musicologists working in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century repertoires, as well as those more broadly interested in modernism in music and its neighbouring arts. The book also offers important reading for art historians, theatre scholars and literary critics.

PHILIP ROSS BULLOCK is Professor of Russian and Music at the University of Oxford, and Fellow and Tutor in Russian at Wadham College, Oxford. Previously for Boydell, he has published a translation of the correspondencence between Rosa Newmarch and Jean Sibelius, and in 2016, his biography of Tchaikovsky was published in the Critical Lives series by Reaktion.

DANIEL M. GRIMLEY is Professor of Music, University of Oxford. Tutorial Fellow, Merton College. Associate Head (Research) of Humanities. Daniel Grimley's latest book was recently published by CUP at the end of 2018: Delius and the Sound of Place. Grimley has published various books with Boydell.

CONTRIBUTORS: Charlotte Ashby, Leah Broad, Daniel M. Grimley, Louise Hardiman, Kevin Karnes, Pirjo Lyytikäinen, Tomi Mäkelä, Julia Mannherz, Arnulf Christian Mattes, Philip Ross Bullock, Kirsten Rutschmann, and Mikkel Zangenberg.

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