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Working Environment and Climate Surveys (ARK)

ARK is a working environment and climate survey which will be conducted for all employees at the UiB in March 2021. The survey serves as both a management tool and a participation tool and is conducted at the UiB once every 3 years.

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Important to know about ARK:

• The ARK survey will be sent out to all employees on 8 March.
• The survey takes 15 minutes to complete.
• The deadline for responses is March 29.
• The result is ready in mid-April

We encourage everyone to use this opportunity to respond to the survey.

What is the ARK survey?

ARK is developed by and for the university sector to serve as a management tool, a participation arena and a research database. 

ARK is a knowledge-based process that will help to develop the UiB as a workplace with the aim of: 

  • Improving the health and well-being of individual employees 
  • Increasing the achievement of strategy, plans and objectives 

Why are we conducting the ARK survey at the UiB?

The purpose of carrying out the ARK survey is to gain insight into what the working environment is about for us, and how we can facilitate and further develop a good working environment. 

The working environment at the University of Bergen shall be stimulating and be based on the diversity of knowledge and culture that characterises our institution. 

How do you involved in ARK in your capacity as an employee?

It is important for the UiB that you participate in the following activities so that we can obtain the most out of the ARK process:

  • Respond to the KIWEST questionnaire
  • Review the report received by your unit and reflect on what it means to you and your unit
  • Actively participate in your unit’s process of developing initiatives that can make your workplace better
  • Actively contribute to the implementation of measures at your unit

How will the ARK survey be followed up?

Follow-up of the results will take place during the autumn semester. The ARK working group at the UiB will enable managers to provide support and follow-up before, during and after the ARK survey.

Each faculty and unit has a local project manager and process supervisors who will assist managers, and lead and facilitate ARK processes during all phases.

Follow-up will consist of:

  • The first feedback meeting will be held during the spring of 2021
  • Follow-up status will be reported to collaborative bodies such as the AMU (Working Environment Committee) and in HSE reporting.
  • Our safety officers shall be involved in the follow-up work.
  • Managers and safety officers shall jointly document implemented measures and processes.


The survey will be rolled out to all units at the UiB during the course of January 2021.

Sept. - Dec. 2020

Preparations and training

March. 2021

The questionnaire will be sent out to all units

April- June 2021

Feedback meetings

Autumn 2021

Follow-up per unit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is my line manager?
    • Prior to the start of the survey you will receive an e-mail containing information about who will be regarded as your line manager for the purpose of this survey. Basically, your immediate manager is the one you have or will have employee chats with. 
  • So how can I remain anonymous if I state my gender, age and job category, etc?
    • The UiB cannot obtain access to data about gender, age and job category, etc. in its reports at unit level. It will therefore not be possible to trace your answers.
  • How will the results be presented?
    • The results will be presented as simple overviews with average and distribution figures. The results will be presented by people who have been trained for this.
  • Why isn't there an open comments field in the questionnaire?
    • Because it is difficult to anonymise the responses that appear in such fields. 
    • Because what you might like to write here can also be included in the group conversations that you will have in connection with follow-up of the results of the questionnaire survey.
  • Because any comments about the actual tool should preferably be addressed to ark-kontakt@ntnu.no.