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These are the Student Representatives of HySchool 2022 - 2023

HySchool welcomes the four student representatives to the board for 2022 - 2023! They represent the students in HySchool and will contribute to the development of the research school.

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Raymond Mushabe - University of Bergen, CSSR-NORCE

I am currently enrolled for the PhD position in experimental reservoir physics relevant for underground hydrogen storage. The core of the research work is to understand short-cycle storage microbial effect on the hydrogen stored in the subsurface porous media. The research is being conducted at Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources (CSSR-NORCE) in collaboration with University of Bergen. I hold a MSc. Reservoir engineering. A skill set that is complimentary to other researchers enrolled to Hyschool as we all strive to achieve Hyschool core objective: contributing to the global energy transition through hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuel as energy carriers.

As a researcher enrolled to HySchool, I would like to be the leader of the group of doctoral researchers from the University of Bergen and CSSR-NORCE, Bergen. I have good communication, coordination and other leadership skills that will be helpful during my time in office. I plan to work as a liaison between the students at UiB, students from other institutions, and leadership at HySchool.


Alessandro Campari - Norwegian University of Science and Technology

My background is in Energy Engineering, but I started focusing on hydrogen technologies and their safe utilization from my Master’s thesis. At present, I am actively involved in two research projects on hydrogen safety: the European project H2CoopStorage (“Development of tools enabling the deployment and management of a multi-energy renewable energy community with hybrid storage”) and the Euro-Japanese project SUSHy (“Sustainability development and cost-reduction of hybrid renewable energies powered hydrogen stations by risk-based multidisciplinary approaches”). In addition, I collaborate with the partners of the Norwegian project SH2IFT-2 (“Safe hydrogen fuel handling and use for efficient implementation 2”). 

I have been involved in the organization of the activities of HySchool since its launch. I strongly believe in the potential of this project from a double perspective: the educational one, of course, and the networking one. This doctoral school will be important not only to strengthen our knowledge about the aspects of the hydrogen value chain that are out of our field of expertise but also to get in touch with other young researchers who are working on similar topics. The outcome could be the creation of a strong network that will help us during our future careers, both in academia and in the industry.


Isabelle Viole - University of Oslo

Academic background: B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering for Renewable Energies. Master thesis in Energy system modeling at the German Aerospace Center, currently working on PhD in Energy Storage and Systems Modeling. Topic of doctoral thesis: Energy storage systems, including hydrogen and batteries, for a sustainabley powered telescope

My motivation in becoming the student board representative for UiO: In the HySchool board I want to plead the interests of the PhD students and help to create an instructive and network-based learning environment.


Wendpanga Jean Donald Minougou - University of Stavanger

My interest in hydrogen stems from the early stage of my master’s program in Petroleum Engineering where I decided to employ my engineering skills to contribute to the energy transition. I am currently investigating the feasibility of storing hydrogen in salt caverns on the Norwegian continental shelf. My specialization also involves numerical simulation of hydrogen storage in depleted oil and gas reservoirs. This aspect is somewhat missing in the hyschool ideology although it will be essential in the future hydrogen infrastructure. Therefore, I believe my technical contribution to this organization can be substantial.

I believe Hyschool will profit from going more international and making ties with other groups working on hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) as these topics are getting hot worldwide. Having studied both in Asia and Europe, I believe I could provide some support in helping the school go more international.


Deputy student representatives:

Alice Schiaroli (NTNU) - E-mail
Muhammad Baqir Hashmi (UiS) - E-mail