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HySchool has started and Ph.D.-students from all over Norway are attending

HySchool, a Norwegian research school with focus on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels, had its kick-off meeting at Solstrand outside Bergen this week and we are off to a good start.

HySchool Kick-off meeting August 2022
UiB, Gry E. Parker

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During these days at Solstrand we had the pleasure of gathering the first group of HySchool Ph.D.-students working within the field of hydrogen in Norway. The students are all from Norwegian universities (UiS, NTNU, UIT, UiO and UiB) and with international backgrounds.  

Student involvement is an important part of HySchool and during the kick-off meting the candidates have had ample of opportunities to contribute with ideas and suggestions as to how the research school will be structured.
In HySchool, the young researchers themselves can influence how and what they want to learn about hydrogen”, says Hilde Venvik, Professor at NTNU.

Networking with peers from other universities and academic experts has featured high on the agenda this week and this has been a valued and welcomed experience for the Ph.D.-students. The world of hydrogen is still growing and getting to know other people within the industry has provided them with new insights and created the basis for future collaborations. Through HySchool, the Ph.D.-students will have the opportunity to learn about what is happening in other parts of the value chain and seeing their work as a part of a larger picture.

I believe the network is valuable for possible cross-disciplinary research collaboration and hope that I can tap into the resources to improve my research methods or for data collection through workshops. I hope to learn from my peers and industry actors to gain a better understanding of the whole hydrogen value chain. ", says Claudia Chen, Ph.D.-student at UiT.

"HySchool has unlimited potential for students in the hydrogen domain. They will be both networking with peers and industry and learning the latest research results in their field. HySchool will allow our new generation of hydrogen experts to master the bigger picture of the value chain." says Nicola Paltrinieri, Professor of Risk Assessment at NTNU.

The objective of HySchool
The primary objective of HySchool is to contribute to the global energy transition by enhancing the quality of Norwegian doctoral education on the use of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuel as energy carriers. The knowledge, competence, skills, and networks the Ph.D.-students develop in HySchool will enhance the competitiveness of the trade and industry, position the academic partners for national and international collaborative research projects and accelerate the transition to a low-emission society.

"The kick-off meeting from HySchool has exceeded my expectations. This meeting has not only given a head start to the HySchool project but also has allowed me to establish new cooperation already.
Personally, I met a lot of people with great interest to participate, to be involved, to work, to proposed ideas, to move HySchool forward. The number of ideas and suggestions has happily surprise me and give a warm feeling that HySchool will be a success if we continue this path.
The organisation of the HySchool was off the chart, the camaraderie among the organizers, the participants, the hotel staff was outstanding. The balance between meetings and discussion as well as having time to meet and have more informal conversations was perfect." says Jorge Mario Marchetti, Professor at NMBU.

HySchool Call for new applications is now open
If you, or someone you know, want to join HySchool, there is a new application deadline 25th September please take a closer look here for how to submit your application.

Collaboration opportunities
Is your organisation interested in presenting at a future "HySchool Days", alternatively are you interested in hosting a Ph.d.-student in hydrogen from one of our universities?
Then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to further explore these opportunities with you.

"It was great to kick of the activities in HySchool with a proper face-to-face meeting, and very motivating to experience the engagement and enthusiasm of the participants.", says Trygve Skjold, Associate Professor at UiB.