Imagining and experiencing the 'refugee crisis' (IMEX)

Diaspora mobilization - Amany Selim and Espen Stokke

PhD-candidates Amany Selim and Espen Stokke presented their research projects on Syrian refugees settling in Europe, at this IMER lunch seminar.

Picture of Espen Stokke and Amany Selim
Marta Rekdal Eidheim

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A large number of Syrian refugees have settled in Europe. In the media, most of the debate concerning these refugees has been about how they impact their host societies. But how does this large Syrian diaspora impact politics in Syria itself?

Espen Stokke, PhD-candidate at the Department of Comparative politics, and Amany SelimPhD-candidate at the Department of Sociology presented their research projects. They both do research projects where they explore the engagement of Syrian diaspora activists, and how these activists try to make a difference in the homeland.

This was an engaging seminar in the IMER-network: Bergen International Migration and Ethnic Relations Research Unit. You can read more about IMER here.