International Centre

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Visiting address: Parkveien 1. The reception is closed until August 10. Opening hours will be 11 am - 2 pm Monday-Friday. THE PHONE IS CURRENTLY NOT OPERATED. PLEASE EMAIL US AT international@uib.no



Head of International Centre: Nina Gry Stein
Administrative coordinator: Elin Berge Flo

HR, staff/faculty mobility and guesthousing

For issues relating to this area, please use: euraxess@uib.no

Jill Anette Opsahl
Nina Stenseth Akbas
Doreen Ryland

International networks and global engagement

Student mobility, agreements and international programs

Other requests

Please send an email to international@uib.no

Visitor application form

If you are an international guest/delegation wishing to be hosted by the University of Bergen, please complete the online Visitor Application Form.