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Accommodation and UiB Guesthousing

Information about UiB Guesthousing, as well as information and tips for finding private housing. Guest housing is provided as a short-term offer for visiting researchers working at UiB for a short period, as well as a transitional arrangement for international new employees. UiB Guest housing is centrally located on campus and close to the city center.

Hybler og leiligheter i Sydneshaugen 4,8,12,14
Eiendomsavdelingen, UiB

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If you have questions you don't find answers to here, please contact housing@uib.no


Who can book accommodation?  The department/UiB unit to which the guest is affiliated does the booking. 

When and for how long?  Housing is offered for stays from 3 weeks to six months, with maximum 6 months pre-booking. If there is free capacity, and at short notice, other guests at UiB may also apply for housing for 3 weeks to 1 month.

How to book? Book accommodation through our online electronic application form. This is only available thru UiB network or VPN. Billing information must be provided upon booking.

Cancellations must be made more than one month prior to arrival or cancellation fee of one month will apply.

When terminating before end of contract a fee might apply. One month termination notice is in effect.

Practical information 

For information about keys, invoicing, issues, maps and more, click  here. 

Leaving UiB housing

Make sure you have all your personal belongings, and do not leave food items in the kitchen.

Leave the keycard on the desk/table. For Nygårdsgaten 2a you must make arrangements for drop-off of keys.

Update your address with the following:
National Registry Moving - The Norwegian Tax Administration (skatteetaten.no)
Self-service portal  automatically updates to the address in the National Registry
Permanent change of address for private individuals (posten.no)

Always use your personal email for contact, not your UiB email.

Other options – Moving into private housing

Other options for housing. (uib.no)

How to decipher housing ads that are only in Norwegian. 

UiB Internal Market (uib.no)

Renting privat housing there are a few things you need to be aware of.

  • Contract: Always make sure you get full contact information for the property owner.
  • Make sure you thorougly read and understand your Tenancy agreement, especially about the type of agreement and duration. Early termination of a rental contract can incure fees and additional costs. 
  • Familiarize yourself with tenant duties in the contract and what is expected of you as tenant. 
  • Deposit should always be in a separate bank account in your name, set up by the propertyowner. This account should always require 2 signatures (yours and theirs) to withdraw.
  • Home content insurance protects your valuables, such as furniture, sports equipment, clothes and electronic devises. This insurance covers damage to belongings in the event of fire, water damage, burglary etc. This can be purchased through your Norwegian trade union, banks or insurance companies in Norway. (finansnorge.no)
  • Electricity: most places you will pay for electricity seperate. Here you can find best prices, and types of electrical plans. High energy costs can add to your expenses, so make sure to take preventive measures to keep your costs down.

If you need help to read through a contract, contact UiB Housing 
Any legal issues connected with a tenancy contract are a private issue, and proffesional legal help is recommended.