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End of Stay in Norway

If you are leaving UiB and Norway, there are some formalities and practical matters you need to take care of.

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Notify the tax office

You must notify the Norwegian Tax Administration if you are moving to a non-Nordic country. Follow the instructions and submit the form to the tax administration (skatteetaten.no)

This notification should be made at the earliest 14 days before leaving Norway. If you don't report this you will still be considered as a tax resident in Norway and you will be obliged to pay tax to Norway, even if you are not living here. 


Report your new address

You must notify the postal services of your new address (posten.no). This will ensure that your mail is forwarded to your new address the first two months after your move.

You also need to add your new address in the self-service portal under Employment status > User profile > Add new address > Temporary residence. This is because UiB will send you, by mail, you annual statement report. 


Close down bank accounts

You must close down or check with the bank if you can keep your Norwegian bank account.


Final tax assessment

Your final Norwegian tax assessment will be in April the year after you received your final wage from UiB. To be able to access it and communicate with the tax administration it is recommended that you retain your secured electronical ID for the Norwegian public services portal (difi.no) for the first year after leaving the country. Make sure that the correct bank account is registered with the Norwegian Tax Administration. 

If you have been living in Norway for more than 10 years, special rules apply. Read more about this here


If you have been saving up pension in SPK, you will get it once you turn 62 or 67; it is not possible to get it before that. It is important that you update your information in the National Population Register, so SPK has your updated information.

You will also need to apply for a pension at NAV.

You have to contact SPK and NAV at least 6 months before they turn 62 or 67.