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Leaving Norway

End of stay in Norway

If you are leaving UiB and Norway, there are some formalities and practical matters you need to take care of.

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Notify the National Registery

You must notify the National Registry by contacting the Tax Administration and report a move from Norway. This notification should be made at the earliest 14 days before leaving Norway. If you do not report this you will still be considered as a tax resident in Norway and you will be obliged to pay tax to Norway, even if you are not living here.

Moving to another Nordic country? You do not need to report the move to Norwegian authorities, but to the authorities in the Nordic country that your are moving to.

Report your new address

You must notify the postal services of your new address. This will ensure that your mail is forwarded to your new address the first two months after your move.

You also need to add your new address in the self-service portal under Employment status > User profile > Add new address > Temporary residence. This is because UiB will send you, by mail, you annual statement report.

Close down bank accounts

We recommend to close your bank account if you no longer intend to use it. Be aware of automatic payments and yearly fees.

Final tax assessment

Your final Norwegian tax assessment will be in April the year after you received your final wage from UiB. To be able to access it and communicate with the tax administration it is recommended that you retain your secured electronical ID for the Norwegian public services portal (difi.no) for at least three years after leaving the country. Make sure that the correct bank account is registered with the Norwegian Tax Administration. 

If you have been living in Norway for more than 10 years, special rules apply. Read more about this here

Have you lived in Norway less than 6 months and are on the ordinary tax scheme (not PAYE)? You may be able to pay your taxes right away and not wait until the tax assessment the following year.


Current retirement age in Norway is 67 years old, and this is when you can receive your pension. You may retire earlier, from 62 years old, but you will receive a lower amount.

To get the pension from Statens Pensjonskasse (SPK), you must contact them when you reach retirement age.

You will also have the right to retirement pension from NAV:

  • Living in the EU/EEA: contact the pension authority in your country
  • Living outside the EU/EEA: contact NAV

It is important that you update your information in the National Population Register as soon as there are any changes (especially when moving to another country). This is to ensure that the authorities have the correct information to process your case and are able to contact that you.

We suggest you contact SPK and NAV at least 6 months before retirement age. Please note that you cannot receive your pension before this time.

Are you curious about your pension? You can log in to the webpages at SPK and NAV to check your status.

Moving from Norway but continuing your employment at UiB

Relocating to another country while continuing your employment at UiB involves some legal and administrative requirements - both for you as an employee and UiB as your employer. Some ways it could impact you are taxation, social security (including health rights), insurances, and pension.

  1. Get approval from your leader. UiB employees cannot choose where to work from - any change in work place must be approved well in advance by your leader/administration.
  2. Register your move out of Norway in the National Population Register. This is primarily for tax purposes.
  3. As long as you receive salary from Norway, you must complete your annual tax return in Norway (in addition to the country your are residing).

Will you continue your employment in a secondary position at UiB? Read more about taxation and social security here.

Will you continue your employment with UiB as your main employer?

  1. Find out what your tax responsibilities are, you can read more about this at the Tax Administration.
  2. Find out where you must pay social security contributions, you can read more about this at the Tax Administration.
  3. If you will no longer be a member of the Norwegian social security, you will not accumulate pension rights in Norway. Check with your local social security about pension rights. We strongly suggest you take responsibility for your own pension saving.
  4. You will lose your occupational injury insurance from UiB as this does not cover employees who do not live in Norway.

The consequences of not checking these steps in advance could be that you lose your membership in any social security (which impacts benefits such as parental leave, disability, unemployment, sickness, and more) and wrong taxation (double taxation or wrongly paid taxation, potentially leading to surprise tax claims at the end of the tax year).

We cannot give any general advise as the requirements and consequences are individual - depending on your nationality, which country you are moving to, and your position at UiB and other employers. Please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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