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Tredjepartsportalen (apps.uib.no) - software for teaching and assessment

This solution where gives students access to relevant software to enhance learning where they are, when they need it – simply administered by the teachers themselves.

UiB lanserer Tredjepartsportalen 2020

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Tredjepartsportalen provides students with on-demand access to software for use in teaching and assessment, access is provided quickly, self-serviced and integrated in Mitt UiB. Tredjepartsportalen is developed by UiB in collaboration with external technology partners and was launched to all students at UiB in January 2021.

Teachers – Tredjepartsportalen in practice

Create a list over relevant software for your course
Tredjepartsportalen makes it easy for you as a teacher to show what software the students can expect to use in your course. You can do this easily via Mitt UiB.

Inside the MittUiB course, select Settings, Navigation, and pull "Tredjepartsportalen" up in the active menu. You will now be able to select Tredjepartsportalen in the menu on the left and set up a list of applications by following the on-screen instructions. Detailed instructions can be found here (in Norwegian).

Student – How to get started?  

Get started with Tredjepartsportalen
Tredjepartsportalen is self-serviced and easy to use. We recommend to see the get started guide before first use. You find Tredjepartsportalen on apps.uib.no and sign in with your normal UiB username and password.

Online course in digital tools, methods and technology to enhance learning
As a student at UiB, we recommend to complete our Online course in digital tools, methods and technology to enhance learning. It provides you a good overview and understanding of the digital tools you have access to as a student at UiB, including how you can access software from Tredjepartsportalen.