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We help you to develop courses and study programmes

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The UiB Learning Lab has extensive experience in supporting the academic environment at all faculties in the development of subjects and study programmes. UiB's central learning design group, with responsibility for developing new programmes, is based here. 

We have diversified and interdisciplinary expertise, and recognize the importance of starting from subject-specific needs. Educational development can take different forms and take place on different scales. We can contribute to local quality work, for example, through facilitating workshops and seminars. 

Courses and study programmes

When designing a course or an entire program of study, we recommend planning backwards to create a holistic learning design: we start with what the students should be able to do when they finish the course or program (the learning outcomes), and plan teaching activities and forms of assessment based on this. UiB learning lab has developed two open resources in Mitt UiB:

  • Resources for developing courses (will be published in Norwegian on the 1st of August 2024 - a version in English will be published in the spring of 2025)
  • Development of study programmes (in Norwegian) 

Continuing education

The development of continuing education offers  follows the same principles and procedures as for ordinary courses and study programmes. At the same time, there are a number of special considerations to be made, both with regard to the design of academic content adapted to the needs and prior knowledge of the target group and the arrangement of teaching methods adapted to adult part-time students, who often live elsewhere. Therefore, developing fully or partially online teaching is central to developing new continuing education offers or updating existing offers.

UiB Videre can assist with advice on developing or updating continuing education offers. You can also familiarize yourself with procedures and deadlines that apply to continuing education offers on UiB's employee pages.

Support to externally funded educational projects (BOA)

In addition to UiB's own incentive schemes, there are national and international support schemes for professional environments that have ambitions to carry out larger or smaller development projects in their study programmes. Read more about support for externally funded education projects (in Norwegian).