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UiB Learning Lab in Media City Bergen

UiB Learning Lab

The UiB Learning Lab is supporting teaching, learning and innovation at the University of Bergen.

Visit us in Media City Bergen,
Lars Hillesgate 30, 3rd floor.

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About UiB Learning Lab

The UiB Learning Lab is aiming to be a driving force in the development of digital teaching, assessment and dissemination at UiB. The lab has a staff with expertise in study quality, learning support, continuing education, use of digital tools, university education, dissemination and media production.

You and your professional community can get help to:

 • Further develop teaching practices
 • Plan courses, courses and study programs
 • Use learning technology
 • Communicate knowledge from research and education

Recommendations and manuals for digital- and hybrid teaching for the Spring semester 2021 are under revision. Until further notice, you will find excisting advices here: Hybrid Teaching and Learning Autumn 2020

For employees
Råd til UiBs undervisere om undervisning høsten 2020

How do we teach this Spring?

How should you as a teacher plan for physical versus digital teaching this Spring semester? Which digital learning tools are suitable for different types of teaching and where can you get training and support?

illustration GDPR people on electronic devices

Privacy and data protection on digital platforms

Privacy and data protection at the University of Bergen in connection with teaching on digital platforms. Guidelines are updated in June 2020.