UiB Learning Lab

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UiB Learning Lab

The UiB Learning Lab is supporting teaching, learning and innovation at the University of Bergen.

Visit us in Media City Bergen,
Lars Hillesgate 30, 3rd floor.

Contact the UiB Learning Lab for advice and guidance

Corona: Teaching Online

All UiB teaching activities are now online. The UiB Learning Lab has, in collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs, the University Pedagogy Unit and the IT Department, prepared advice and guidance for teachers and student administration on digital teaching, learning and assessment for the spring semester 2020. 

Read more about new tools, pedagogical recommendations, training and support here

Not a digital native?

If digital environments and tools for teaching, learning and assessment are completely new to you as a teacher, you are welcome to ask for guidance, either individually or in a limited group. No prior knowledge is required. Contact UiB Learning Lab: vilblidigital@uib.no


About UiB Learning Lab

The UiB Learning Lab is aiming to be a driving force in the development of digital teaching, assessment and dissemination at UiB. The lab has a staff with expertise in study quality, learning support, continuing education, use of digital tools, university education, dissemination and media production.

You and your professional community can get help to:

 • Further develop teaching practices
 • Plan courses, courses and study programs
 • Use learning technology
 • Communicate knowledge from research and education

For teachers and administrative staff
Digital undervisning

Teaching and assessment on digital platforms

Here you will find recommendations for digital teaching and assessment, aswell as an overview of new digital tools and where you can find user manuals and attend training webinars.

Artificial intelligence:
MediaFutures Christoph Trattner portrett.

Will improve your digital diet

Christoph Trattner actually wanted to be a chef. Now, he wants to help you avoid digital junk food.


iEarth chosen as Centre of Excellence in Education

iEarth becomes one of the Norwegian Centres of Excellence in Education. The University of Bergen now hosts two of the prestigious centres that focus on innovative and forward-looking education.