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Mentimeter is a response tool making teachers interact with their students in real time. Using the tool, you can carry out live polling, surveys and quizzes, create word clouds, receive questions from the students and build all of this into presentations. The students connect easily from their own device, without an account.

Say hello to Mentimeter

Kort introdukjon til Mentimeter (Engelsk)

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How do I create an account? 

If you don’t have a Mentimeter account, click on the link below and log in as you do elsewhere at UiB. 

If you have a Mentimeter account with a registered e-mail address which does not end with @uib.no, click the link below. To move your content from one account to another, contact Mentimeter support. 

Click here to create account 

How do I get started with Mentimeter?  

Once you have logged in to Mentimeter, you can start by creating a new presentation under "My presentations" by clicking on the blue button "New presentation". To see some good example presentations, click on “Inspiration” in the left margin. Your previous presentations are found under “My presentations”. 

First time users will be guided through the functionality offered as they navigate around on the site. 

A new presentation starts with a blank slide (“New slide”), where you select content type in the right margin. By clicking “Content” and “Customize” you will be able to add questions/answer alternatives/etc., as well as preferences/styling. Now it’s just a matter of creating more slides. 

When you have finished your presentation you can click on “Preview presentation” to see both the student view and presenter view. When presenting in front of an audience, click “Present” to view the full screen presentation and display the access code. 

For more details on how to use Mentimeter, see: 

How to create your first Mentimeter presentation 

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Introduction to Multiple Choice Questions 

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How to use the Q&A feature 



How do I use Mentimeter during my teaching? 

Using Mentimeter, you have a lot of ways to collect and show your students thoughts and opinions synchronous, as well as asynchronous, as the links above give a clue about. 

Mentimeter can be used before, during and after a teaching session. If you want to check your student’s current knowledge on a subject before lecture, you can send out a Mentimeter survey which will give you insight on what you need to focus your attention on during the lecture. The same survey may be presented during the lecture to start a discussion, such as to promote student engagement during class. 

During a teaching session you can, as an example, ask the students to answer a multiple-choice question, discuss the question in groups, and then answer the question again to see how group discussions change the student’s view. If you have open ended questions you want the students to reflect on, you can use “Open ended” questions, and the students can read each other's reflections and discuss in groups afterwards. 

How do I use Mentimeter’s add-ons for other software?  


NOTE: Mentimeter currently does not support the online version of PowerPoint.

To avoid having to switch between PowerPoint (PP) and the browser when teaching, you can fetch each Mentimeter slide directly into the PP slides you are going to show. All UiB users have had a “Mentimeter add-on” added to PowerPoint:

Screenshot of the top menu of PowerPoint, with arrows towards “Home” and “Add-ins”

To the figure above:

  • Open PowerPoint, and select the slide where you want to insert the Mentimeter slide

  • Select “Home” in the top menu, click on “Add-ins”. Then you will see the Mentimeter icon. If you do not see the icon, click on more add-ins, and then the tab “Managed by administrator” to get up mentimeter.

  • Select “Mentimeter Interaction”.

  • When you have selected the mentimeter add-on in the PP slide, you will be asked to log in for the first time. You do this with the “Log in with SSO” button. Once you have logged in, you should be able to create a Mentimeter slide right from PowerPoint.

Login screen for Mentimeter’s PowerPoint plugin


Picture of the Mentimeter plugin


Mentimeter has made a video that shows several ways to combine PowerPoint and Mentimeter, where the method above is shown in the last example at the end: https://help.mentimeter.com/en/articles/411022-powerpoint-plugin-and-int...