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UiB Læringskonferanse 2024

Connection, Community, Inclusion

Flyerfor UiB Læringkonferanse
Flyer UiB Læringskonferanse

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Connection, Community, Inclusion

The Program of University Pedagogy and partners invites you to contribute to the UiB Læringskonferanse, held at UiB on 17. October 2024. The UiB Læringskonferanse is open to all members of the UiB community and is an opportunity to learn, discuss and celebrate research-based practices that embody Connection, Community, and/or Inclusion in university teaching and learning. The day will include keynote speakers and workshops, paper panels and poster presentations. We invite everyone involved in teaching, supervision, assessment, and other teaching related activities at UiB and other local institutions to contribute to and attend the conference.

The Læringskonferanse invites contributors to submit abstracts for paper or poster presentations. We seek contributions that share inquiry on teaching and learning from the UiB community. We invite presentations on practice and research which focuses on student learning through examination of classroom teaching practices, field or practical teaching, use of educational technologies, curriculum revision, use of accessible and inclusive teaching methods, and supervision. We encourage contributors to highlight how their work strengthens connections, builds community and facilitates inclusion and access in our teaching communities. The Læringskonferanse is intended to be an opportunity to connect with a community of teachers and to learn together about transformative teaching practice. Collaborative projects between multiple teachers and presentations that include collaborations with students are particularly welcome.  

Important Dates

  • You send in abstracts as submission by 30. June 2024
  • We reply to you with the acceptance notification by 15. August 2024
  • You confirm your presentation and title by 30. August 2024
  • You register for the conference by 10. October 2024
  • We hold the Læringskonferanse on 17. October 2024, 08.30-16.00 

Conference formats

You decide on the format of your presentation, based on your own goals, including how much interaction and discussion you wish to have with the audience. 

Option paper presentations

A paper presentation is an oral presentation of the aspects you want to talk about. Each presenter is given 15 minutes to present a clear argument or case, followed by a 5-minute discussion with the audience. Participants are encouraged to use presentation tools, such as PowerPoint, to improve accessibility for oral presentations. Presenters will be provided with short guidelines to support the design of inclusive and accessible oral presentations. Since paper presentations often result in passivity among the audience, please make sure that your presentation will be engaging and concise. 

Option poster presentations

Poster sessions involve six to eight posters. Poster authors give a short overview of max. 2 minutes to the audience gathered as a group, followed by an in-depth discussion between them and the audience. The poster sessions offer researchers the chance to present their work in a visual format and offer more opportunities for interaction and discussion. Your poster should be in the A0 portrait format and must be delivered to the conference site by 8.30 am on the conference day.

How to submit 

You are interested in presenting at the Læringskonferanse 2024? We are excited to hear about this!

Please send us an English or Norwegian-language abstract of max. 250 words (excluding references). This abstract should contain the main content (e.g., research question, method, results), at least two references as well as a note on who you plan to reach as audience for your presentation and how you plan to reach them. We value active audience participation, so please add some ideas on how your audience will be engaged.

The submission tool will also ask you to add the names of all authors/people involved in the presentation as well as their e-mail addresses, your requirements regarding presentation technology, and your potential accessibility needs. 

The deadline for your submission is 30. June 2024. Submissions later than this cannot be accepted, we are afraid. 

The conference is offered by the Program for University Pedagogy, the UiB Læringslab, UiB Universell, Division of Student and Academic Affairs, and TeLEd