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To examine and develop your own teaching practice can be both a challenging and inspiring exercise.

The UiB Learning Lab team can contribute with advise and support in local educational development work. We do this in collaboration with the Program for University Pedagogy, which is also represented in the lab. You and your professional community can get to know us through seminars, workshops and other events we host on our premises in Media City Bergen.


The UiB Learning Lab seminar series

The Learning Lab's monthly event is a low-threshold offering for all staff involved in teaching and learning. Meet with colleagues from all over UiB who share experiences and knowledge on a wide range of topics. We welcome all input and wishes for the event series.

Program can be found in the UiB Learning Lab's calendar


Mitt UiB

The Mitt UiB learning platform and associated third-party services include varied opportunities to organize teaching, active learning, dissemination of learning material, dialogue between students and between students and teachers.

You can contact the UiB Learning Lab for advice and guidance on integrated use of Mitt UiB in your teaching.


Courses in university pedagogy

The University Pedagogy Program conducts many of its courses in the UiB Learning Lab, see their calendar for upcoming courses in university pedagogy.