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New Learning Platform

Mitt UiB: UiBs new Learning Platform

UiB implements the new learning platform Mitt UiB in 2016. These pages gives you an overview of who starts when, support, training and courses.

Bilde fra en side på Mitt UiB

Our new learning platform, Mitt UiB, will be launched on December 1st 2015. The main system component of the new platform is the open source version of Canvas. Mitt UiB will eventually also include a range of integrated services and will comprise the majority of the University's digital learning environment. 

The Division of Student Affairs (SA) owns and services the platform.


Training of Staff

All staff will be given the opportunity to attend training lectures. It is also possible to sign up for supervised workshops for hands-on course building. To supplement plenary training sessions, a range of web based resources will be made available. 

Students are not expected to need hands-on training. They will however have access to all online documentation and user support facilities. 

Course Schedule 

Two "Get started with Mitt UiB" courses are scheduled in November and December: 

Both courses will be held in Ulrikke Pihls hus, room 305.

These courses will be in Norwegian. If you want an introduction to Mitt UiB in English, please contact Division of Student Affairs or DigUiB by registering an issue in Issue Tracker

User Support and Documentation

User support can be reached from within Mitt UiB. You can always get in touch with Division of Student Affairs by registering an issue in Issue Tracker

User documentation will be available in English. 

We will phase out My Space

Spring 2016

All integrations will stay active, also for courses at Faculties that have moved all their activities to the new platform. Students will therefore be enroled in courses in both systems. The Faculties must inform relevant users that activity have ceased in Mi side/My Space. 

Autumn 2016

All integrations are shut down, but users will still be able to log in and look up old courses and groups to download old learning material. From the autumn semester 2016 no new courses or enrolments will be created in My Space, only in Mitt UiB. 

Summer 2017

User access is shut down.