Machine Vision
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Short paper on the machine vision database presented at HT19

The digital humanities component of the Machine Vision project is well underway, and the methodology and very early results are discussed in a short paper that will be presented at ACM Hypertext 2019 in September.

network visualization of sentiments towards machine vision
An early stage network visualization of attitudes towards machine vision as represented in art, games and narratives.
Machine vision in everyday life

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ABSTRACT: Machine vision technologies are increasingly ubiquitous in society and have become part of everyday life. However, the rapid adoption has led to ethical concerns relating to privacy, agency, bias and accuracy. This paper presents the methodology and preliminary results from a digital humanities project that maps and categorises references to and uses of machine vision in digital art, narratives and games in order to find patterns to help us analyse broader cultural understandings of machine vision in society. Understanding the cultural significance and valence of machine vision is crucial for developers of machine vision technologies, so that new technologies are designed to meet general needs and ethical concerns, and ultimately contribute to a better, more just society.