Mathematics with a Human Face: Set Theory within a Naturalized Wittgensteinean Framework

Mathematics With a Human Face

The event is Co-sponsored by the Boston University Center for the Humanities and University of Bergen, Dept. of Philosophy / Research Council of Norway.

Woman writing mathematical formulas on a white board
ThisisEngineering RAEng / Unsplash

Main content

“Mathematical Hygiene”
Andy Arana, Archive Henri Poincaré 

“Innate Arithmetical Knowledge: A Look at the Empirical Evidence”
Sorin Bangu, University of Bergen 

 “The Technological Sublime”
Juliette Kennedy, University of Helsinki

“Will AI’s Ever ‘Do Math’?”
David Mumford, Brown University

“Max Dehn and Black Mountain College”
Philip Ording, Sarah Lawrence College

Commentaries by
Jeffrey Schatz, Yale University
Michael Harris, Columbia University