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Looking for ideas at UiB  

Dirk Smit, Vice President of Research Strategy at Shell, met with UiB scientists to explore new ideas and possible collaboration projects. 

Gunn Mangerud, Kristine Gudbrandsen Frøysa, Dirk Smit, Helge K. Dahle
MEETING UiB: (From the left )Gunn Mangerud (UiB), Kristine Gudbrandsen Frøysa (UiB), Dirk Smit (Shell), Helge K. Dahle (UiB).
Jens H. Ådnanes, UiB

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"The University of Bergen is a centre for education and research, in fields that are right at the core of many of our own research programmes," says Dirk Smit, Vice President Research Strategy, Chair Science Council, Chief Scientist Shell Global Solutions International B.V.

During his visit at the University of Bergen (UiB) Mr. Smit met with several of UiB’s researchers, experts in fields such as geothermal research, carbon storage, bioresources and offshore wind energy. The meeting was also attended by Dag Rune Olsen, Rector of UiB, and was preceded by an open speech on Technologies enabling the Energy Transition by Mr. Smit.  

Research for the future 

Mr. Smit describes the meeting as inspiring, in particular the presentations concerning carbon capture and storage, catalysts and biotechnology. 

"These topics are of great importance to Shell, we do our own research in these fields, also in collaborations with other centres. This was a great opportunity to learn more about UiB’s research on these topics" Mr. Smit explains.  

He explains that Shell has embraced the Paris Agreement, the UN’s landmark agreement to combat climate change and to accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low carbon future.  

“We believe that in order to thrive through the energy transition, we have to make cleaner and more energy efficient solutions available to everyone. Providing sufficient energy needs to be aligned with the aspirations of the Paris Agreement, and we would like to ensure Shell contributes in achieving the goals of the agreement, through our research and investments in other programmes,” Mr. Smit says.  

Reducing the carbon footprint 

Reaching the goals in the Paris Agreement is definitely possible to achieve, he thinks.  

“Shell is of the firm opinion that we can be successful in this endeavour. To succeed, however, we need to work together with other actors, in particular with expertise that can develop technologies that can be tested at scale. This will allow us to reduce our carbon footprint,” the Vice President says. 

Helge K. Dahle, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, believe there are many research projects at the faculty that can be of interest to Shell.  

“It is important for UiB to collaborate with companies such as Shell and Equinor. I believe they are part of the solution for reducing the world’s carbon footprint,” Dahle says.