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Week 24

Today 16th June (1)

BFA2019 (Workshop)
Starts - Event ends at 21.06.2019

Week 25

Tuesday 18th June (4)

MSc. Nuozhen Gelsor defends Phd thesis (Disputation)
GEO master thesis presentation by Thomas de Jonge : AVO Inversion using Data Assimilation (Presentation)
PhD mid-term evaluation Anna Patova: Conservation genomics of North Atlantic deep-sea sponge grounds: assessing diversity, connectivity and vulnerability of habitat-forming species (Seminar)
The borders of outreach (Guest lecture)

Wednesday 19th June (2)

Master exam Henrik Bendiksen: « Analysis of in vitro and in vivo drug responses in chronic lymphocytic leukemia» (Seminar)
GEO master thesis presentation by Olea Synnøve Hofshagen : Influence of fault geometry on seismic registrations (Presentation)

Week 37

12th September (1)

The offshore wind conference Science Meets Industry (Conference)

Week 39

26th September (1)

Seeking comfort in the Viking Age – Identification of Archaeological Plant Fibre Textiles (Guest lecture)

Week 44

31st October (1)

Skrekk og gru - Bergen Horror Story (Guest lecture)


Week 27

29th June (1)

BFA2020 (Workshop)
Starts - Event ends at 02.07.2020

2nd July (1)

BFA2020 (Workshop)