Michael J. Fox Foundation funding to Professor Tzoulis

Professor Charalampos Tzoulis receives $300,000 (3MNOK) from the prestigious Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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Professor Tzoulis with senior researcher Dr. Irene Flønes, whose work has been pivotal to conceiving this project. Photo by Eivind Senneset.
Neuro-SysMed, Eivind Senneset.

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The grant was awarded from the “Biomarkers to Support Therapeutic Trials Program” of The Michael J. Fox Foundation and will fund a project aiming to identify a novel subtype of Parkinson’s disease driven by mitochondrial dysfunction, and to develop clinically applicable biomarkers enabling patient selection for targeted therapeutic trials.

“Finding biomarkers of a disease subtype will enable us to identify patients who are most likely to benefit from specific experimental treatments. We hope that this project will make an important contribution to the global efforts for establishing personalized medicine in Parkinson’s disease”, says Professor Tzoulis.

Tzoulis’ team are very excited to be working with the MJFF. “From the very start, the Foundation were fully committed to the project and are there to discuss challenges and to help us succeed in our goals. This is a great way of supporting and facilitating the project, as well as ensuring the funds are being used as efficiently as possible”, says research advisor Yamila Torres Cleuren. “Getting this funding from MJFF is a great boost for our teams, having been great admirers of their work for a long time, and of course fans of Michel J. Fox himself!” Cleuren concludes.