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Making AI infrastructure available

The University of Bergen (UiB) will play an important role in the new collaboration Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Cloud, building competence and supporting researchers.

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Norwegian AI Cloud, or NAIC, is a new infrastructure and a new collaboration that will involve a change of pace for access to e-infrastructure for artificial intelligence in Norway.

Norwegian AI Cloud is a collaboration between many actors to make available both expertise and tools for artificial intelligence for research, education and innovation. The project recently received funding from the Research Council of Norway.

In addition to UiB, UiO, Simula, NORA, NORCE, UiA, SINTEF, Sigma2, NTNU, and UiT are involved in the collaboration.

Norwegian AI Cloud will meet the needs of academia, small and medium-sized companies, larger industries, startups and the public sector. A coherent infrastructure that unites existing resources and new resources will be developed, and this paves the way for scaling up to future needs.

UiB's IT Division will assist researchers in the use of artificial intelligence 

– This is a national collaboration, and UiB leads one of the work packages in the project. Specifically, UiB's IT division will provide guidance and expertise to the researchers on technical and methodological aspects, related to the use of the national infrastructure, says Deputy Director General Tore Burheim. This is based on the well-established concept of Advanced User Support (AUS) which builds a bridge between researchers and technology.

UiB will provide a contact person for each project that uses NAIC on a larger scale, and offer expertise in various technical and methodological aspects for the entire life cycle of artificial intelligence. Users should be supported by resource persons who understand the needs of the artificial intelligence workflow, including data organization (data selection, data preparation, data cleaning, data formatting) and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods.

– The access to this infrastructure, as well as the tools and methodological expertise that our researchers have access to, will mean a major technological boost for our academic environment, says Deputy Rector Pinar Heggernes.

The project will not only be important for Norwegian research in AI. Emphasis is also placed on education and innovation. Read more on NORA's website.